SIM28 GPS Module / Modem with GPS antenna


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The GPS smart receiver features the 16 channels .Ultra low power GPS architecture. This complete enabled GPS receiver provides high position, velocity and time accuracy performances as well as high sensitivity and tracking capabilities.


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· 6-channels GPS search engine
· ‹ Ultra low power design (38mA, typical)
· ‹ Compact size
· ‹ Built-in low noise, high gain active antenna
· ‹ Super-cohesive magnetic for installation
· ‹ High sensitivity (up to -152dBm typ)
· ‹ Apply to host devices with USB or RS232

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· Operating voltage: 12v dc.

· Compatible with TTL & serial.

· Frequency l1, 1575.42mhz

· C/a code 1.023mhz chip rate

· channel 16 channels all in view

NMEA Protocol

The software is capable of supporting the following NMEA message formats

NMEA Message Prefix


$GPGGA-GPS fix data

$GPGLL-Geographic position Latitude / Longitude.

$GPGSA-GNSS DOP and actives satellites

$GPGSV-Satellites in view.

$GPRMC-Recommended minimum specific GNSS data.

$GPVTG-Velocity and track over ground

$GPZDA-Date and time


GPS Antenna

Antenna is critical item for successful GPS reception in weak signal environment. So here we use the active antenna type using SMA connector.


Pin Description


Pin Number-1

Pin Name-5V

Description-Vcc Supply Voltage


Pin Number-2

Pin Name-GND

Description-Ground Pin


Pin Number-3

Pin Name-VDD



Pin Number-4

Pin Name-TX

Description-Serial output pin


Pin Number-5

Pin Name-RX

Description-Serial input pin


Pin Number-6

Pin Name-GND

Description-Ground Pin

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